Pastor Rob

” And how can men preach unless they are sent?”

Romans 10:15

Originally from Chicago, Illinois-Pastor Rob was the third of three sons raised in a home where the blessings of godly paternal leadership were experienced. He attended Greater Salem Church during his formative years as a child. Robert Graduated from Chicago State University, earning his Bachelor of Science Degree in Business & Administration, concentrating in Management Information Systems. After graduating and being hired as a manager by Sears, Robert desired to attend graduate school and chose to work for the City of Chicago to accomplish that goal.

Despite not persisting in his faith through his late teen years, the early foundation forged by his parents in Christ during his formative years guided him back to the Lord upon his marriage to his childhood sweetheart Ray Helen. Through this union, Robert and Ray were blessed with their daughter Taylor.

Through the Lords promptings, Pastor Robs love for education guided him to the Illinois Institute of Technology where he earned a Master of Public Administration Degree and an Master of Business Administration in Organizational Management.  

Learning later that his mother-in-law apparently saw the Lords hand on him, he was encouraged to respond to this leadership calling by Pastor Napoleon Watkins of Greater Mt. Tabor Church in the mid 1990’s. Pastor Rob was discipled in the faith by the presiding pastor Julius Washington. Robert quickly developed a mastery of scriptural study and expository teaching and preaching.

In obedience to the word and will of God, Pastor Rob has now accepted the call to lead a community of believers in a faith walk of obedience to the implied command of Romans 10:14-15, “But how are people to call upon Him Whom they have not believed? And how are they to believe in Him Whom they have never heard? And how are they to hear without a preacher? And how can men preach unless they are sent?


Our existence is to advance the Kingdom of Christ through the making of disciples in obedience to the Great Commission as we grow in faith until Christs’ triumphant return.


To ensure that the knowledge of our eternal salvation provided through Jesus Christ is made available to every citizen of the Atlanta Metropolitan Area.

Our Ministry

Foot of The Cross ministries is a church plant congregation seeking to establish a local body of believers in the City of Roswell, GA desiring to serve the entirety of the Holcomb Bridge Corridor. In obedience to the Great Commission, Foot of the Cross Ministries seeks to execute its ministry objectives in a manner obedient of the instruction that Christ gave for the witness of the gospel, i.e. in Jerusalem (locally), all of Judea (regionally/nationally) and to the ends of the earth (internationally).

Having been legally incorporated as a church, i.e. a local Body of Believers and desiring to fulfill the biblical mandates of such, it is our objective to serve the spiritual and where needed the felt-physical needs of the community. This includes but is not limited to weekly worship services, weekly studies and training in the holy scriptures, active relationships with the local school councils and related business and municipal agencies, (all for the assessment and support of the spiritual needs of the community).

Many unreached souls struggle to see life apart from the everyday challenges faced in their daily lives. It is the mission of Foot of The Cross Ministries to serve as the hands and feet of Christ to provide the direction for ascertaining these needed life essentials in order that the recipients grow to understand that all of our needs are met through the riches found in Christ Jesus, Phil. 4:19. All that Jesus asks is that we put our faith in Him for eternal life and share in service to others through His Holy Name.

Pastor Barnes looks forward to sharing the Lords vision for the Body along with his background, education and ministry experience with prospective members/partners over the next few months while assessing both the felt needs and spiritual needs of the community. It is our desire to ultimately locate ourselves in the above stated community of Holcomb Bridge Road preferably east of GA local 400. We are trusting that we will be easily accessible to the many citizens that reside along that corridor.


Our outreach, (as should each local body) is modeled after Christs’ earthly ministry. His approach often addressed serving the felt needs of others to teach that man’s ultimate need is for salvation. In addition to our primary mission, our ministry efforts will include legal advocacy, employment training along with health education and training. It will be through these efforts that we hope to educate those coming to faith in Jesus that as our needs are met through Him, He requires of us the parallel life of service to others.


Foot of the Cross Ministries is seeking members/partners who desire to serve the Lord through a pure heart for the express purpose of aligning our existence here on earth with the Kingdom of Heaven. It is through this alignment that practicing followers of Christ can receive the commendation of job well-done my good and faith full servant.