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Is there an explicit or implicit biblical mandate to be partakers of multiethnic Christian ministry? If your answer is yes please respond and explain. If your answer is no please do likewise. I would like to offer some information that should drive your thinking. Upon the advent of Jesus, what was the makeup of the Roman Empire. Was the creation of the church and thus the local Church-Body ordained, i.e. divinely predestined to reflect homogeneous makeups?

If there was such a phenomenon as a Spiritual IQ test and passing it played a role in the believer experiencing salvation, what is, or even is there a personal responsibility of the believer to pursue participation in multiethnic ministry.

My over two decades of ministry leadership experience has shown me that even when there are national majority population members present in a Local Body that support multi ethnic participation in ministry very seldom do these individuals seek to hold their same ethnicity Body members to their level of commitment of ministry integration. Has anyone else ever seen this situation?

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