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Has the US Government Fully Addressed the Civil Rights Issues of This Nation? Is There a Need to Further Pursue Civil Rights Legislation in The U.S. If So, what is The Role Of The Church?

Are the injustices that brought on the need for the national demonstrations for racial equality which took place in the 1950’s and 1960’s still prevalent in our society today? Were these iniquities completely addressed through the civil rights legislation of the mid 1960’s? What forms of discrimination if any still exist in the United States today?

There are those who believe that the inequalities of America’s past are behind her given the legislation that currently sits on the books. There are those on the other hand who operate under the premise that until one is convicted of a civil rights violation no offense has been committed. The question at hand for our discussion is what is the role of the Church of Jesus Christ in acknowledging any such issues if in fact there are any to be reconciled?

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