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If the acronym IQ stands for Intelligence Quotient, what might be the definition of Spiritual IQ be? A possible answer might be the rating by which one’s intellect comprehends the components of the spiritual realm according to The Holy Scriptures. If this is a reasonable facsimile of an adequate answer what might be its overriding purpose? One might infer that the benefit or purpose of the spiritual IQ is to gauge the effectiveness of one’s ability to properly discern remedies for spiritual deficiencies.

If any part of these questions or responses seem reasonably accurate should any effort be made to improve our spiritual IQ, or should one just say that his or her lot in life to simply manage this so…so important aspect of one’s life. The next and final question that I would like to engage the readers of this blog with is, does the Holy Spirit of the bible consider an individuals spiritual IQ as it relates to the administering of spiritual gifts?

Please let this introduction serve as a guide for healthy discussion. If you believe that the content of this blog can generate some useful dialogue by someone that you know has some expertise in this field, you are charged to share it with them.

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