With The Gospel Being First, Our Underlying Purpose:
Serving For Spiritual Advocacy

Not to be misunderstood, the primary ministry of Jesus was the mission of atonement for the salvation of a condemned humanity. Though never intended as equality with salvation, the miraculous healings performed by Jesus throughout His earthly ministry, (performed for revealing that the Kingdom of God was now present on earth) offered a hope that the marginalized knew could only have come from God. 

Throughout Jesus’ earthly ministry, the poor and often those who suffered from infirmities were societal outcasts. Jesus restored dignity to these individuals who despite their perceived loss of societal worth never loss any measure of worth in the eyes of The Father. Jesus restored the dignity they thought was lost forever. 

Our country is no less guilty of the creation of marginalized cultures within our society. The disenfranchised cultures of our day easily parallel the marginalized cultures of biblical times. Many of the advantages taken against the marginalized within the biblical cultures and were basis of The Fathers’ judgement against the nation of Israel. 

The disenfranchisement of today is often facilitated through the inequalities in educational and occupational opportunities. Examples of the disenfranchised in our culture are those classes who are systematically denied equitable educational admissions and occupational advancements based on ethnicity, gender and other non-performance-based factors. It is not our objective to spy and seek out every injustice that currently exist but to assist those in our community who are coerced into silence and not advocate for their civil rights as citizens of this country.  

Some Areas That the Body of Christ Must Step Forward On 

The Body of Christ has a moral obligation on behalf of the communities for which they serve in that an account will be required of her as it relates to serving the disenfranchised. Over the last two decades our nation has seen a pattern of apparent violations of human rights in that the unwarranted use of deadly force by law enforcement is being administered with little and in some instances no accountability.   

In any instance where the loss of human life is repeatedly experienced and the church sits silent our saltiness and brightness should be brought to question. A responsibility that can be assumed by the church is to show where the actions of government fail to serve with equality the mission for which God ordained them. We are advocates of Government, for it provides the order required for a civil society, Rom. 13:1. But with that authority, accountability and equity for all are required. 

These issues are driving a spiritual wedge through our country like the wedges used to split wood, with each death serving as the blow from the mall edge of the ax. The church sits silently hoping that these are isolated incidents, but there is little to support this misguided hope. 

It is FOTCM solemn prayer that these issues desist, but where they do persist we hope to invite other Local Bodies and para-church organizations to join with us in prayer and allow the Holy Spirit to guide our actions toward legal and peaceful resolutions to these issues. 

Inherent to presenting the gospel, the Body of Christ has the responsibility to demonstrate the full power of the gospel which not only offers salvation but an advocacy for the restoration of the marginalized inalienable rights. The argument among the evangelical community is that these are social issues, not lending themselves adequacy for the church to address.  

 FOTCM looks at these issues not so much as societal issues but as moral issues that can only be addressed properly through the conviction of the Spirit of God administered through the platform of the pulpit of God. Jesus magnificently used the ministry of advocacy and healing as the gateway to mans only true need which is salvation as a model for His church to use. We must clearly understand that many will be unwilling to listen and receive the gospel apart from seeing its power in winning the fight against those systems which take advantage of societies marginalized. 

The Church of the one true and living God can no longer sit silent when Gods children suffer.