Loving Our Youth

Carrying Out This Mission

It is our belief that youth who desire a working knowledge of the scriptures, i.e. those who by faith are attempting to live according to the Word of God will serve as the vital remnant that the Lord will use to reach the next generation of Christ followers. It is for this reason that youth bible study and ministry (service) training are an integral part of FOTCM.     

We believe that academic success is in line with the will of God and therefore desire to assist all primary, secondary and post-secondary students of our ministry in pursuit of their educational goals to the Glory of God.

It is our prayer that as we strengthen and prepare our students for their career aspirations that we look intently for those of whom God has called for His service and ensure that they are made aware of the education and training needed for either full-time or part-time ministry service. 

It’s one thing to make the aforementioned statements, but it is walking according to this belief that our ministry will be validated. Given this responsibility, FOTC will offer academic support for any student that requests this need. Our request is only that the parents or guardians provide written permission. We are in negotiations with several locations along the Holcomb Bridge corridor to provide a convenient location for carrying out this objective. Preparation for state milestone examinations, SAT and ACT preparation will be at the forefront of this ministry.